Secure Your Account With Google Safety Tools

Google Safety Tools are the safety features provided by Google. As you use your Google account and visit any website or use apps that uses Google technologies some information is used by Google to provide better services. These information include our personal information like name, phone number etc., location information, log information and preferences in the form of cookies.
Google safety tools restrict the information to be share on web and help individual to secure…


Floating apps as name suggests floats on your screen above all the apps. They functions always on top of other apps and makes you multitasking. Android phones are multitasking but with some limitations. You can’t watch a video while browsing and not able to make a note while learning from PDF file. You have to switch back and forth. Floating apps makes this task possible and simpler. (more…)

How to get Virtual Desktops in Windows 7 and 8

Virtual desktop allows users to work on multiple desktops at the same time. Although windows 7 and 8 doesn’t have built in support for multiple desktops but with the help of third party tool like Desktops v2.0 it can be made possible.
Dexpot and virtuawin are the other most customizable tools for virtual desktop. (more…)

Improve battery life on Fedora using TLP

Is your battery draining fast on Fedora?

Here is a tool to increase battery performance on Linux.
TLP is an effective and easy to use power management tool available for Linux. It automatically applies best settings for your Laptop to save battery and keeps it cooler. However you can edit configuration file manually to have custom settings. (more…)

How to install popcorn time on Fedora 20/21

Popcorn Time is a torrent streaming application available on almost all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS).
It streams movies and tv shows and have basic features like subtitles, changing quality (480p, 720p).
Recently Popcorn Time 0.3.3 released for Linux with lot of new features. (more…)

Top 5 Android Launchers 2014

Android launchers come with vast variety of features which gives a complete makeover to your phone. One can find number of launchers in Play Store like Nova launcher, Google Now launcher, Aviate launcher etc. These launchers are highly customizable and can change your whole experience of usual android user interface. You can try these and keep your favorite one. (more…)

4.7 Billion Google Account Passwords Leaked, CHECK And SECURE Yours

In an unbelievable incident the Russian hackers released almost 5 billion Google account usernames and passwords online.  The password leak is the result of phishing and weak passwords. But the point of relief, is that, these passwords may not necessarily be your current password but the two or three months old. Although Google mentioned in one of its blog that its own system were not breached.



Calibrating the display helps you to adjust the brightness, contrast, color combination of the screen. By adjusting them digital pictures appear more relevant and at night you can low the brightness that provide protection .To calibrate the display of your monitor follow the steps: (more…)