Install Vivaldi Web Browser In Ubuntu/Fedora

Vivaldi is a new chromium based web browser launched recently for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Linux 32 bit users have to wait for some time. Jon Von Tetchzner, the former CEO of Opera, is the CEO of Vivaldi technologies.Vivaldi Technologies introduced only the technical preview now, soon we will see a stable release. (more…)

Use Whatsapp in your web browser on Linux

Whatsapp for web is now available for your desktop web browser on any platform (Windows, Mac and Linux). For now it is only available for chrome web browser, support for other browsers may be available in future. (more…)

How To Get Ambient Display In Any Android Device

Ambient display, a new feature introduced with Android-5 Lollipop, by Google. It shows the notifications arrive on lock screen and provide direct access. It’s a great feature, currently supported in Nexus 6 that is Android Lollipop 5 device and working as “Actively Display”, the default feature in Moto X device. (more…)

How to format a pen drive easily on Linux

Formatting a Pen drive is a tedious task for new users who have been recently migrated to Linux. In this tutorial, I will show you two simple methods to format a USB drive effectively using GUI applications available in Gnome desktop environment. These applications are easily available in almost all distributions. (more…)

Configure Unity On Ubuntu 14.10 with Unsettings GUI

Unsettings GUI lets you to alter the default Unity desktop environment in Ubuntu. It changes the personal settings in Unity but not the hardware or system settings. Unsettings provides you a one place to change all unity settings, from unity launcher, panel to your privacy settings. (more…)

How To Find The Location Of An Image

Browsing through the web, you find so many beautiful, magical locations, you want to visit. Most of the times you are not able to find the destination of the image. You can find the location with the exif tool. (more…)

YouTube Offline Feature Guide

Offline mode feature is newly introduced by Google in YouTube app for android and iOS users. Offline feature simply means, you can now download the YouTube videos on your device and watch it later without internet connectivity. It is absolutely free of cost. Now no need to be interrupted by buffering or low internet connectivity. Download your favorite serial episodes, music videos, movies and more and enjoy it later. (more…)