Solve green line problem in VLC media player – Linux

February 4, 2015 - Posted in Linux Posted by:

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The problem of getting a border of green color around the video is common in latest versions of our favorite distributions. Fedora 21 and Ubuntu 14.10 users have reported this problem often.
The source of problem is video output method used by VLC. By default it is set to automatic as you can see below:

Vlc video output

  • Now change this setting by opening VLC > Preferences > Video
  • The recommended output setting is OpenGL GLX, but you can try different output settings, if the former doesn’t work for you.

Change VLC Video Ouput

Now restart VLC to apply the changes.

OpenGL GLX worked best for me on Ubuntu 14.10, it also improved the subtitle rendering and yes solved the green line problem too.

  • Mr. Bob

    Thanks, worked perfect! Shouldn’t have waited so long to look into fixing 😡

  • Alexander DeLarge

    Works in Windows 10 too. Thanks

  • Guelce


  • Filipe Freitas

    Thank you so much!!
    I had this problem for along time, but never found a solution (tbh i barely even try to found one -,-”) and since it wasnt that big of a problem, i just stayed with that green lines for a while.. But recently i started to watch some movies with my friends using thsi compucter (conected to the TV via HDMI) and it was getting really annoying so thank you for fixing this problem :)