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We all have faced the same problem of file sharing. When we have to share large sized data files using Whatsapp, Gmail or on any other media. Most of them have an upload limit of MBs. To solve this problem we can use a third party service to store files which we want to share. In this tutorial we are using Dropbox.

Follow the guide to upload and share big fat files using Dropbox:



  • First, create a New Folder where you can put your files. Name the folder.

Create folder in dropbox

  • You can Upload or Drag and Drop your files in the created folder.

drop box large documet upload (12)

  • Uploading may take a while depending on your Internet connection and size of file.

drop box large documet upload (5)

  • After the document is uploaded you can share it by clicking share button as shown below.

drop box large documet upload (6)

  • After selecting Share, a pop up will appear providing you the link to the file.

drop box large documet upload (7)

  • You can change the VISIBILITY/ EXPIRATION of the document (for more security).

drop box large documet upload (9)

  • You can directly send the link by selecting contact from Gmail, Yahoo etc.

drop box large documet upload (10)

  • Messages can be inserted too.

drop box large documet upload (11)

If you are using an android or iOS application of dropbox, you can share the link with Whatsapp users too.

  • kaushal_t

    What if even dropbox space (2GB) is not enough and you run out of it?
    There are plenty of options which we can use such as
    linking your dropbox with facebook(125 mb)
    follow on twitter and tweet about dropbox (500 mb)
    Use Dropbox’s Carousel App ( 3GB)
    Refer to friennds (500 mb each and upto 16 GB)

    • Heena Dhabhai

      i appreciate the comment and i will try to mention more details about it.

  • Jakub Havlíček

    Definitely try also MyAirBridge ( It is great and easy to use service. Totally for free you can send up to 20 GB, with profile even up to 100 GB.