4.7 Billion Google Account Passwords Leaked, CHECK And SECURE Yours

September 16, 2014 - Posted in Internet Posted by:

In an unbelievable incident the Russian hackers released almost 5 billion Google account usernames and passwords online.  The password leak is the result of phishing and weak passwords. But the point of relief, is that, these passwords may not necessarily be your current password but the two or three months old. Although Google mentioned in one of its blog that its own system were not breached.

So do you want to check if your Google account is safe or not?? Then go through any of these two websites:



You just have to enter your email address in the box provided and click the button. If you’re concerned and do not want to specify your full Gmail address, you can replace up to three characters with asterisk (*).

Eg.  gmaila***unt@gmail.com.

One Google password leak means your entire security is breached. Google account is your entire identity on web. Your Gmail, YouTube, Android, Drive, Hangouts, Apps all are linked with one Google account. Even if your account is not in the list, it doesn’t mean you are safe, this could happen to you as well.

Now the biggest concern is how to secure your account? Google 2 step verification is the answer!!

Google two step verification process is the easiest and safest way to secure your account. You just need your phone always with you when you login your account.


  1. Sign into your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the profile on your right hand side and then go to Account.
  3. A personal info page appears, in this page click on security tab.
  4. You can see CHANGE PASSWORD and 2- STEP VERIFICATION tab. Click on 2-step Verification.
  5. On this page enter your mobile number and select the verification method you prefer i.e. SMS or Voice Call. Now click on send code.
  6. You will get a six digit verification code on your mobile number or a voice call that gives you the code.
  7. Enter the code in the box.
  8. In the next step choose the systems you use frequently for your Google accounts.
  9. This is done!

Now whenever you login, Google will send the code on your mobile phone. You have to enter the same and verify your account.