Secure Your Account With Google Safety Tools

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Google Safety Tools are the safety features provided by Google. As you use your Google account and visit any website or use apps that uses Google technologies some information is used by Google to provide better services. These information include our personal information like name, phone number etc., location information, log information and preferences in the form of cookies.
Google safety tools restrict the information to be share on web and help individual to secure their account. It makes web a safer place to live in.Secure Your Account With Google Safety Tools

Explore these Google Safety Tools and make you and your family safe on web

Use Incognito mode in your web browser –It’s a synonym to private browsing. If you don’t want to store the data on your PC or mobile device, enable incognito mode. It don’t save your history and downloads. Your data will not store in cookies while browsing in private mode. Incognito mode is supported in Firefox, Chrome, Uc browser etc.

Google 2-step verification – Google offers 2 step verification to their users. This tool requires verification code sent on your registered phone no. to log in your account.

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Set alert if your name appears on the web – Google alerts allow you to monitor information about you appears on the web. Email notifications will be delivered to you when it finds any new information about you.

Choose your privacy settings in your web browser – Web browser allows you to choose your privacy settings. Chrome browser use certain information when you visit any website. You can disable these features in browser settings. These settings include enable phishing and malware protection, send a ‘Do Not Track’ request with your browsing traffic, remove cookies etc

Set guest mode or create supervised user on your chromebook – Use guest browsing feature and share your chromebook with your friends and family. People won’t be able to install any app but can download and visit websites in guest mode. If you want to restrict the user to certain websites then create supervised user profile on your chromebook. In this you can see the user’s browsing history prohibit them in using certain websites.

Google Analytic opt-out browser add-on – Google analytic opt-out browser add on forbid your browser to send information to Google analytic. Website uses Google analytic that uses user information to improve their websites. So if you don’t want to share your data then install Google Analytic opt-out.

Use Google dashboard to manage your data – Google dashboard lists the Google products like Gmail chat, calendar, Google+, search history etc. You can view your data and recent activities associated with each Google’s product in dashboard. It shows when you last used the product and what you did. You can manage settings for any Google products here.

Google safety tools allows you to manage and restrict certain contents you don’t want to see on web. Use these tools to make you and your family safe online.

Report inappropriate safe search – Google safe search filter adult explicit content from your search results. But if you find any adult content in your safe search results then you can report to Google.

Report abuse or flag inappropriate user in hangout video – Google policies make Google+ enjoyable and safer. If any person behaves inappropriately in hangout video or violates Google+ terms, you can report it abuse or even block him.

Open YouTube in safety mode – Safety mode is a parental control setting in YouTube. Enable safety mode, if you don’t want that you or your family member come across any adult or objectionable content while using YouTube.

Restrict app downloads in play store – Play store allows to filter downloads according to maturity content on your android mobile and android TV. Google rate each app as for everyone, low maturity, medium maturity and high maturity.