How To Find The Location Of An Image

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Browsing through the web, you find so many beautiful, magical locations, you want to visit. Most of the times you are not able to find the destination of the image. You can find the location with the exif tool. Exif info is associated with images have the information like time-stamp, date and time, focal length, resolution, image dimensions, GPS altitude and longitude info, etc. The GPS coordinates in exif info tells you about the location info. But this is only possible if the camera from which the image was taken is GPS enabled. If the camera doesn’t have a GPS feature then you will find GPS data blank in exif info.

So what next? How will you find the location of an image?
Google image search engine tool is the solution here. You just need to upload the image and it will show you the most possible location.

Step-wise instruction:

Find the location of an image with a Google search image tool.

  • Visit
  • In search bar drag the image or paste URL from any site, you want to search location on, if image is present on your system then click on the camera icon in the search bar and select the image. Now click on the search button.HOW TO FIND THE LOCATION OF AN IMAGE
  • Now Google will list out the most possible results. It will show you the best guess for that image and other results. Go through them and find out the best possible location.