5 Most Anticipated Distros of Linux in 2015

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There are so many awesome Linux distributions releasing this year. All distros comes up with the different and unique features. Each Linux distribution targets different users and possess many customization options.
So let’s take a look on these 5 most anticipated distros of Linux 2015.



Papyros is Linux operating system build on Google material design framework. Prior it was called Quantum OS. The name changed to Papyros to maintain a strategic distance from the trademark issues.
It emphasizes android Lollipop material design in Linux. This marvelous combo of Google material design and Linux desktop looks exceptionally delightful and is easy to use.

Papyros OS is in development stage and advancing quick. You can see the progress on its Google+ page. Developers are constantly giving the screenshots and videos of the work done. In the most recent update Papyros design team has done some mockups for the installer and some of the core apps, which includes the web browser and calculator. They also made available their first packages in the AUR, which you can install as Papyros-shell.
I am beyond any doubt Papyros OS going to be an incredible arrival of this current year, joining the open source Linux and Google material design structure.

Evolve OS

Evolve OS

Evolve OS is powerful Linux kernel based operating system, features Budgie as its flagship desktop environment. Budgie desktop is astonishing, desktop oriented and designed focusing on modern users. First beta version has been released recently. For now it is accessible for x86_64 computers (64-bit). We can expect the installation file for 32 bit users in next release.

Evolve OS uses eopkg package to install apps and it is built from scratch using PiSi package manager. This OS resembles to Chrome OS. The UI interface of this OS is simple, beautiful and easy to use like Chrome OS. If you are Chrome OS lover and wants the Linux desktop too, then this OS is for you.

Download the Beta 1 of this elegant and easy to use Linux distribution of 2015 and explore it.

 OZON OS Hydrogen

OzonosOzon OS is Fedora based operating system. This operating system optimized at gaming distribution. Ozon OS alpha release was based on Fedora 20 and its next beta release will be based on Fedora 21.

Numix well known for making Linux desktop more beautiful in collaboration with Nitrux is working on this new Linux

distribution. Well its Numix project, so you can expect beautiful and stylish desktop with elegant icon design themes.

Ozon OS uses gnome shell and gnome apps by default. Ozon Alpha was released in September and its first Beta version is expected to be released soon as its Facebook page says “We can safely say that there is a huge chance that the Beta release will land this week or the beginning of the next”. So wait a little for testing this amazing Linux OS.
You can follow Ozon OS on  Google+ and Facebook  for latest updates.

 Elementary OS Freya

Elementary OS freya beta 2Elementary OS is Ubuntu based Linux distribution. After Jupiter and Luna, Freya is a third major version of Elementary OS. It has its own desktop interface with its own shell called Pantheon. This OS is based on Ubuntu 14.04 Linux distribution.

Freya Beta 2 has released recently, fixed almost 600 bugs and implemented various design changes and package updates. Beta 2 updates the lock screen design, window overview icon and includes a font that supports emoji Unicode characters. New calculator app and video apps are introduced in this release with Audience now called Videos as the default media player. 3rd party apps including Geary, Simple Scan, and Document Viewer also get updated in this beta release.

You can download the Elementary OS Freya beta 2 from the Elementary OS beta website.

Steam OS

SteamOSLinux based OS, designed specifically for living rooms Gaming PCs, named Steam OS. With this OS users will be able to stream games from their Windows or Mac computers to one running Steam OS. This free stand-alone OS combines the Open source rock solid architecture of LINUX and is focused on gaming on the big screen. Thus it specifically focuses on bringing Steam to living room.

Steam OS will provide access to best games and UG content to any living room machine that runs it. Steam also pinpoints the “openness” of Steam OS because it allows Users to alter or replace any part of the software or hardware they want or communicate directly with content writers.

We can say that Steam OS is just perfect for LINUX operating Gamers which combines high performance gaming, open source platform LINUX, rock solid LINUX architecture, AAA Games availability, Family sharing and much more FREE OF COST!
Download the Steam OS Beta from its official website and enjoy the first gaming OS.

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    Remix OS, Phoenix OS are good too. They are android based os for pc