Daily useful YouTube tips and tricks

YouTube is one of the most popular channel where you can search videos, songs, trailers etc. No doubt this channel manage large traffic. Despite it being very popular and powerful there are some tricks and features that are still not known by most users. Here’s the tips :

Share big size files online using dropbox

We all have faced the same problem of file sharing. When we have to share large sized data files using Whatsapp, Gmail or on any other media. Most of them have an upload limit of MBs. To solve this problem we can use a third party service to store files which we want to share. […]

Simple hack to use WhatsApp Web in Mozilla Firefox browser

Recently, WhatsApp launched its web client for desktop. But it is only available for Chrome Browser now. Which disappointed us as many users (including me) use Firefox browser. Specially Linux users, as Firefox is the default browser in popular distributions.

How To Find The Location Of An Image

Browsing through the web, you find so many beautiful, magical locations, you want to visit. Most of the times you are not able to find the destination of the image. You can find the location with the exif tool.

YouTube Offline Feature Guide

Offline mode feature is newly introduced by Google in YouTube app for android and iOS users. Offline feature simply means, you can now download the YouTube videos on your device and watch it later without internet connectivity. It is absolutely free of cost. Now no need to be interrupted by buffering or low internet connectivity. […]

Secure Your Account With Google Safety Tools

Google Safety Tools are the safety features provided by Google. As you use your Google account and visit any website or use apps that uses Google technologies some information is used by Google to provide better services. These information include our personal information like name, phone number etc., location information, log information and preferences in […]

4.7 Billion Google Account Passwords Leaked, CHECK And SECURE Yours

In an unbelievable incident the Russian hackers released almost 5 billion Google account usernames and passwords online.  The password leak is the result of phishing and weak passwords. But the point of relief, is that, these passwords may not necessarily be your current password but the two or three months old. Although Google mentioned in […]


Android itself provides the option to manage Brightness of the screen but it’s not that efficient. At night it also feels bright and painful for eyes. To dim the brightness more than the default here are some useful android apps:


In recent years the web and its design changes a lot. But still there are some websites which works as it is from the beginning, yes it is “Wikipedia”. If you want to give new look to Wikipedia try “wikiwand”. It gives you an interface where you can change Wikipedia’s look and it is fast […]


Download LiLi (Linux Live Usb Creator) for its official website – Install the software.