Get your Delhi Metro Smart Card recharged for Free

A very good news for all Delhi Metro traveler’s. DMRC in collaboration with Offer World Technology Services Pvt Ltd has brought an awesome Android app OFFER WORLD for the Metro train travelers. Now the passengers can do free recharge of their Metro cards with this app Offer World, available on Google Play Store absolutely free. This […]

How to upgrade Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn to 15.04 Vivid Vervet

Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet is the upcoming latest version of Ubuntu. The stable version of Ubuntu 15.04 has not been released yet. According to the Ubuntu 15.04 release calendar, it is supposed to be release in the month of April 2015. If you want to test this OS you can download and install beta 2 […]

Top GTK Themes to look out for in 2015

In the last article I listed up the top 5 icon themes for Linux. I also discussed the terminal commands and how to enable them on your Linux desktop. Now, I am telling you the most beautiful GTK themes for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 14.10 Utopic Unicorn.

Top 5 Icon Themes For Linux 2015

Bored of seeing the same icons every time you boot up your system? If yes, then it is the right time to spice up your desktop by changing the same default icon theme. There are many customized icon sets available for Linux, which makes it more beautiful and gorgeous. With different icon themes user can […]

5 Most Anticipated Distros of Linux in 2015

There are so many awesome Linux distributions releasing this year. All distros comes up with the different and unique features. Each Linux distribution targets different users and possess many customization options. So let’s take a look on these 5 most anticipated distros of Linux 2015.

Simple hack to use WhatsApp Web in Mozilla Firefox browser

Recently, WhatsApp launched its web client for desktop. But it is only available for Chrome Browser now. Which disappointed us as many users (including me) use Firefox browser. Specially Linux users, as Firefox is the default browser in popular distributions.

Configure Unity On Ubuntu 14.10 with Unsettings GUI

Unsettings GUI lets you to alter the default Unity desktop environment in Ubuntu. It changes the personal settings in Unity but not the hardware or system settings. Unsettings provides you a one place to change all unity settings, from unity launcher, panel to your privacy settings.

How To Find The Location Of An Image

Browsing through the web, you find so many beautiful, magical locations, you want to visit. Most of the times you are not able to find the destination of the image. You can find the location with the exif tool.

Secure Your Account With Google Safety Tools

Google Safety Tools are the safety features provided by Google. As you use your Google account and visit any website or use apps that uses Google technologies some information is used by Google to provide better services. These information include our personal information like name, phone number etc., location information, log information and preferences in […]