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Guide for Yosemite Style GTK and Icon theme – Ubuntu 15.04

Hi there, today I am staring a new page for Linux desktop customization on attabot.org. We see a lot of eye catching screen shots of different desktop environments from enthusiastic Linux user all over the globe. Linux gives us a power of customization in the simplest way with no limit. You don’t like icons or […]

Simple hack to use WhatsApp Web in Mozilla Firefox browser

Recently, WhatsApp launched its web client for desktop. But it is only available for Chrome Browser now. Which disappointed us as many users (including me) use Firefox browser. Specially Linux users, as Firefox is the default browser in popular distributions.

Use Whatsapp in your web browser on Linux

Whatsapp for web is now available for your desktop web browser on any platform (Windows, Mac and Linux). For now it is only available for chrome web browser, support for other browsers may be available in future.

How to format a pen drive easily on Linux

Formatting a Pen drive is a tedious task for new users who have been recently migrated to Linux. In this tutorial, I will show you two simple methods to format a USB drive effectively using GUI applications available in Gnome desktop environment. These applications are easily available in almost all distributions.

Improve battery life on Fedora using TLP

Is your battery draining fast on Fedora? Here is a tool to increase battery performance on Linux. TLP is an effective and easy to use power management tool available for Linux. It automatically applies best settings for your Laptop to save battery and keeps it cooler. However you can edit configuration file manually to have […]

How to install popcorn time on Fedora 20/21

Popcorn Time is a torrent streaming application available on almost all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS). It streams movies and tv shows and have basic features like subtitles, changing quality (480p, 720p). Recently Popcorn Time 0.3.3 released for Linux with lot of new features.