YouTube Offline Feature Guide

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Offline mode feature is newly introduced by Google in YouTube app for android and iOS users. Offline feature simply means, you can now download the YouTube videos on your device and watch it later without internet connectivity. It is absolutely free of cost. Now no need to be interrupted by buffering or low internet connectivity. Download your favorite serial episodes, music videos, movies and more and enjoy it later.

You can see an offline button below the YouTube video in your android device. Click on this button and start downloading. Watch all your videos in Offline tab under guide. Content will be available for 30 days or for as long as the content owner allows it to be.
Well, all YouTube videos doesn’t support this feature. If content owner doesn’t allow the availability of video, then you can’t see it in offline mode. When you click on Offline button, a pop will appear. Popup shows the video is not available for downloading.YouTube Offline Guide

Offline Settings:

Navigate to offline settings:
Select Offline in guide –> click on Youtube Offline Guide (2) tab on upper right corner –> select settings –> select Offline.

YouTube Offline Guide

  •  Quality: Select the quality for your video. You can choose the normal or HD quality. HD quality takes more space and longer time to download. When you click on offline button, a popup will appear. It asks you the quality and shows the size of video in both quality
  • Choose network connectivity: You can download the video over mobile data or WIFI connections. By default ‘add over WIFI only’ is checked. You can uncheck this in settings. This will download the video over mobile data connections.

YouTube videos will be downloaded in your internal storage. There is no option available for external storage yet. Settings page also show you the space occupied by YouTube videos on your device and available space. So now enjoy the buffer free version of YouTube on your device.